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Thermal Detection Gates 60 Persons



The VS Gate is a unique, breakthrough product to be used in retail centers, offices and buildings, public transport areas, airports, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and other high traffic spaces, where safety and protection against Covid-19 are imperative. The gates are complete sterilizing systems that sterilize everyone who passes through. As soon as someone stands in front of the gate, the sensor detects the passerby and automatically starts detection and disinfection. Any harmful bacteria are eliminated.

Functions: induction spray disinfection, ultraviolet lamp antivirus, ozone generator sterilizing, no temperature measuring function. Single side sprays Disinfection indoor, High-quality stainless steel, Overall welding appearance, Porous omnidirectional atomizer. Ceiling type ozone disinfection, Blue light disinfection lamp holder, Ultraviolet disinfection, ultrasonic automatic spray, anti-slip, and waterfall mat. Automatic water absorption device, induction spray system. 220V-240V.