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Viral Shield utilizes Three-Layer Technology, an evidence-based solution for protection. Viral Shield detects, purifies, and disinfects against bacteria and viruses. Unlike other viral options on the market, it offers a comprehensive solution to combat microorganisms.

The Viral Shield of protection not only combats COVID-19, but also destroys bacteria, including superbugs like MRSA, TB, and C Diff, mold, fungi, listeria, and E. coli. It safely kills over 99.9% of RNA viruses, influenza, norovirus, measles, and canorous, and is 99.7% effective in capturing and eliminating harmful airborne particulates to improve the air quality for those who suffer from allergies.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have operated in regularly sanitized buildings for years, assuring the well-being of the public, staff, and partners. Now, due to COVID-19, serious illnesses, and loss of life, health and safety are at the forefront of every business. Laws are being put into effect, placing the owners at risk of lawsuits when knowingly they operate a business in a Hazardous Environment. The first wave of COVID lawsuits has already begun.

Health and Safety Smart Buildings

  • Viral Shield eradicates COVID-19 from buildings, homes, and automobiles.
  • We provide a multifaceted, FDA-approved, high-performance Viral Shield of Protection to Combat the Spread of COVID!
  • Backed by Science and Technology for over 40 years.
  • Engineers are highly skilled professionals that can provide a Physical Audit to determine your needs.
  • Contractors are licensed, experienced professionals who properly perform all installations, assuring the effectiveness of coverage. Systems are being installed daily nationwide.
  • It is currently being specified on new construction projects.
  • NFBI technology ensures safe and clean air.
  • It was determined in a laboratory study when using NBI that 99.4% of this virus was eradicated in 30 minutes.
  • The product can be retrofitted to all existing HVAC systems on buildings and is currently being specified on new construction projects.
  • Lighting Disinfectant Technology that also kills COVID-19 in 30 minutes or less in the areas where the fixtures are installed.
  • Thermal imaging cameras are also added upon request at building points to monitor body temperature.
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