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ABI Supply was founded on the principle meeting the needs of the HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY while assuring the safety of the PROVIDER & PATIENTS.


Our mission is to provide durable and low-cost medical supplies and furniture to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


To become the leading provider of medical equipment in the community we serve. We also strive to offer a wider variety of medical supplies to cater to the medical equipment needs of more healthcare facilities.

Our Company

ABI Supply is Healthcare Professionals working for Healthcare Providers. Our experience extends beyond a supplier and provider relationship. We have vast knowledge in the standards of FDA, AAMI, CE, ISO, NQA, HAZMAT, HIPPA, etc., located in Georgia and serving healthcare professionals globally. We are devoted to providing healthcare professionals with software, medically compliant equipment and disposable supplies that meets the standards required in the countries they operate. This is our way of helping to promote better healing and efficient care in the healthcare industry. By purchasing quality medical equipment and supplies, healthcare facilities can serve their patients well. They can also cater to the medical services that their patients require. We also have medical furniture that ensures their patients’ comfort and safety. Providing services since 1992, ABI has worked with start-up and existing healthcare businesses securing; licensing, certifications and credentialing, developing policies, corporate structure, credit building services, reengineering, providing business development and procurement services. ABI Management Consultants help provider agencies establish and improve their performance and growth by anticipating and solving problems. ABI identifies and creates new and better ways of doing things in both the private and public sector organizations. ABI is highly skilled in helping develop services wherever necessary to create streams of revenue, reduce costs, and generate savings without reducing the quality of services when possible. ABI offers consultancy across all areas of business, from HR and marketing to IT and finance. ABI understands the demands of meeting tough targets on time, making complex decisions and the significance of working with our clients, when under pressure to deliver. Rather than retrieving, our team of professional consultants with years of experience embraces the opportunity with effective skills and solutions proven to be compelling, while bringing new innovative concepts. For inquiries about our products, please call 888-414-1007